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Founded in 2004, The Value Group GmbH is an independent investment consultant to major institutional investors, product developer and provider of competitiveness and sustainability ratings. Unlike credit rating agencies, our science-based rating does not rate companies’ creditworthiness but their competitiveness and sustainability.



The future viability of a company is decided by non-financial factors such as innovation, employee relations, customer base and strong brands. These off-balance sheet indicators provide important competitive advantages and serve as value drivers for corporate success. We measure these characteristics and aggregate them into a single rating score. Based on this information, we evaluate the competitiveness (quality rating) and sustainability (sustainability rating) of companies.


Example of


value drivers


The ratings are based on scientific research in which the value drivers show positive contributions to risk and return. Foundation for our systematized valuation is the proprietary database of The Value Group. In addition to classic balance sheet indicators, the database also includes a large number of non-financial information as well as sustainability data.

„Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago“ – Warren Buffet



As an independent investment consultant and product developer, we harness the added value of this corporate valuation for investment decisions. The valuations can be integrated into investment processes, but can also be adopted directly via customized products. We offer a variety of solutions for asset managers:

For the optimization of investments, our clients use the ratings for special mandates and mutual funds. Together, we develop tailor-made indices to represent individual investment ideas and make them investable. To assess credit risk, we provide indicators to make more accurate statements about the risk profile of a company. For insurance companies we offer the possibility to integrate non-financial data into their risk analysis, since certain parameters have a proven predictive power for insurance risk.


For investors with sustainable requirements, we provide several tools to integrate ethical concerns into their processes. Our services range from the creation of a mission statement to the delivery of sustainability ratings to the development of an individual ESG strategy. When integrating sustainability, selection criteria (for example ethical considerations) can be taken into account as well as performance-optimized assessment approaches (ESG PLUS).



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Our headquarters are located in the middle of Munich. You can find a map here:

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