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The Value Group May 2013:
Listed Infrastructure

Infrastructure investments enjoy great popularity among investors for a few years. Several trends however are suggesting a ongoing boom of this asset class.

"Due to the international financial crisis the public borrowing increased massively. Although many governments cut their spendings, nevertheless there is a enormous need in public infrastructure re-investments."

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The Value Group May 2013:
Listed Private Equity

Considerable institutional investors partially reach annual net yields over 10 % with their private equity investments.

"'Private equity' is equity capital, which is in not (yet) listed enterprises. Therefore often funds are founded to be financed by institutional investors."

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The Value Group Mai 2013:
Newsletter 1/2013

Presentation of the ATX study at Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse) together with the Austrian Association of Financial Analysts and Asset Consulting (Österreichische Vereinigung für Finanzanalysten und Anlageberatung) on October 8th 2012.

Presentation of the SMI expanded study at Swiss Exchange SIX. First time grant of the “Fit for Future” Award together with bluechip financial communications AG, Zurich on November 27th 2012.

Strategic cooperation with bluechip financial communications AG, Zurich, in the field of rating and economic sustainability. Conduct of joint studies. Advisory for asset management companies.

Strategic cooperation with LaRoute Asset Management GmbH / Laplace GmbH starting December 1st 2012. Integration of the extra financial rating into all asset management processes. Consulted capital: 300 million Euro.€

Presentation of the research project “Sustainable Corporate Governance“ in the context of the 12th Munich Science Days (Münchener Wissenschaftstage) from October 20th until October 23rd 2012.

Participation at the 5th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility at the Humbuldt University (Berlin)
from October 4th until October 6th 2012.

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